Pan Asia restaurant, Chinese and Thai cooking, as well as original Japanese sushi

We welcome you to PAN ASIA restaurant, where you can indulge Chinese and Thai cooking, as well as original Japanese sushi! The Chinese cooking, on its own, is a philosophy on which the 1/3 of the world’s population has been based.

Our head chef, as well as his assistant chef come from Thailand, they both have been living in Greece for many years, they have a great deal of experience in the field of cooking and they are both masters in their line of work. Our kitchen staff has been in PAN ASIA for the past 15 years and this leads to having constant quality in our food and our customers feeling rest assured, trust and at ease with us.

Actually, the Chinese and Thai cuisines have plenty in common but what sets them apart is the seasoning. The Chinese prefer freshly cooked food and that’s why they cook at least three to four times a day, using only freshly cut vegetables, fish or meat. They cook their food for very little, in this way they maintain and retain its nutrients. Oyster sauce, Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, baby corn, hoi sin sauce, ginger, tofu and so many other ingredients are used in Chinese cooking. In the Thai cooking, lemon grass, cafir lime, galangal, chilly peppers, green and red carry and many others, are used. Moreover, in the past year, we have successfully added Japanese sushi in our menu which is basically based on rice, vegetables and sea food.

The supernatural theory of Yin-Yang, that the earth and the word surrounding it are in balance, does not stop in front of a wok.
The Yin is mild, soft dark, feminine, as opposed to the Yang being the strong, hard, bright, and masculine.
Out of this philosophical theory of the laws of balance and harmony, the Chinese mix their meals together, thereby combining at will the hot with the cold, the sweet with the sour, the mild with the spicy, the crisp with the tender, all balanced together.

We, at PAN ASIA restaurant, from 1986 until this day, have made many changes, depending on our needs, resulting in upgrading the aesthetics of our interior and the quality of our dishes.
Always trying to cater for the needs of modern day gastronomy, we use only the freshest of meat and vegetables, with no fats or preservatives, cooked healthily in the traditional Chinese way. 
The quality, the uniqueness of flavours and the high aesthetics of the environment, promise you an enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

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